Give your e-Commerce
the virtual dimension

With our new shopping mall or village, showroom, your customers can now experience your brands and products virtually before making the purchase decision. They may even talk with the vendor in the virtual store, completely transforming online purchasing, from static 2D catalogues into real-life experiences.

Create your own virtual showroom Or monetize your
Shopping Mall & Village with merchants

This new Hyperverse channel has the potential to change the current e-commerce practices.
Combining the immersive behaviour of in-store with the ease of shopping online.
A unique, engaging, intuitive and innovative channel to monetize products and brands while leveraging customer engagement.


Personalize the experience, increase your profitability and generate stronger customer engagement with active participation in your shopping and brands activities with global reach.


Easy integrations allow shoppers to enjoy hyper-personalized experiences without worrying about the multiple boundaries of the physical world.


Creating virtual experiences will become essential for merchants who sell products that have traditionally been difficult to buy online and typically experience high return rates.

Turn your store into an immersive shopping experience
with Virtual e-Commerce

The virtual worlds will give users impressive new opportunities for buying, selling, and investing.

As these emerging technologies develop, they will continue to reshape the way we think about e-commerce from a “click and buy” approach to “experience and buy.” This will allow your HyperVerse customers to “walk around” a store, view product displays and make purchases as they normally would, all from the comfort of their homes. It’s a unique fusion of the immersive nature of physical commerce and the ease of online shopping.

Creating a true customer journey in HyperVerse won’t be a matter of duplicating your retail or online store into a virtual store. Instead, leaders building this new form of commerce will need to think outside the box and seize the opportunity to create a brand experience with their communities.

features of Virtual e-Commerce

  • Give access to an immersive store from any device: smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Gather information and better understand your customers' behaviour.
  • Customize your shopping environment according to your customers' preferences.


Shift the way you sell, shift the way they buy

  • Life like virtual shopping experience online
  • A new/innovatie shopping experience
  • Bring the human element to your e-commerce solution
  • Allow your customers to purchase online as they normally would in store
  • Let your customers shop your product virtually. With Hypermall, you can easily create a fun, simple and entertaining shopping mall for e-commerce business.

End-to-end solution (easy to use - no installation required)

Persistent, Open 24/7

Users can visit your virtual universe whenever and wherever they want. You can also transform it anytime you wish by adding new objects, contents, animations or promotions. Shoppers won't have to worry about the changes being done. They'll definitely see them the next time they visit the platform/place.




If you need support creating your own HyperVerse Showroom, Shopping Mall or exclusive village , don’t hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to building your personalized Showroom, Shopping mall or exclusive village do not hesitate to contact us

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Strengthening your Company & Brands visibility, communication and networking.
Engaging experiences with a human touch visitors like.
Multiple combinations of 3D objects & solutions that meet your virtual universe expectations.

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