Step into the future of virtual experiences with the all-new HyperVerse H2O Discovery Lounge - a captivating showcase that combines the launch of our revolutionary New Gen Avatars and the much-awaited Never-Before-Seen Virtual Fashion Show!


Build your learning centre dedicated to clients, employees or members using classrooms, auditoriums and workshop areas.


Focuses on exhibitions of all kinds. The panels can be used for painting, sculpture, ...or scientific posters. We offer a wide selection of exhibition spaces that can be combined in a very attractive way.


Build a tailor made fair/convention center both for virtual and for hybrid event using stands auditorium.


Your own corporate office, virtually accessible anytime, anywhere. Fully customisable to your corporate image to meet your employees, partners, prospects or customers in an exclusive way.


Gives you an overview of the possible paths to allow your prospects and customers to discover your products in 3D mode, just like in a showroom.


Healthcare gaming and its principles can be applied to how care is coordinated and delivered to patients. Furthermore, incorporating gamification in medical education makes learning, ...


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Ready to get your own 1st Class Virtual Destination?

Strengthening your Company & Brands visibility, communication and networking.
Engaging experiences with a human touch visitors like.
Multiple combinations of 3D objects & solutions that meet your virtual universe expectations.

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