The Hyperverse New Gen's Avatar comes to live

HyperVerse - Where the virtual experience truly comes to life, unveiling the new generation of avatars.Take your seat in the never-before-seen HyperVerse virtual fashion show and discover the breathtaking experience of the new generation of avatars with an impressive look & feel.
Discover your virtual Alter Ego
With over 9 million possibilities, take your seat and indulge in personalizing your virtual YOU to express your unique identity.
  • Cutting-edge 3D technology for unparalleled sensations.

  • Outfits worthy of top designers for a style that is both distinctive and captivating.

  • Enjoy an incredible dressing room and dazzle your friends, colleagues, or customers by sharing your selfies on social networks.

  • Even virtual face lifts and stylish haircuts await you.

  • Accessorize your avatars and enjoy unlimited customization.

Direct access to the Fashion show
Hyper fashion Hyper fashion
Hyper fashion Hyper fashion

The new H20 showcase - Your Gateway to Limitless Virtual Possibilities!

Step into the future of virtual experiences with the all-new HyperVerse H20 showcase - a captivating showcase that combines the launch of our revolutionary New Gen Avatars and the much-awaited Never-Before-Seen Virtual Fashion Show!
  • Choose Your Unique Virtual Identity: Enjoy free access to the HyperVerse Discovery Lounge! Enter your desired pseudonym, generate an email, and set your password - unlocking your personalized virtual profile and badge for direct entry into the platform

  • Discover the true magic of the HyperVerse as the virtual experience comes to life, unveiling the new generation of avatars. Forge authentic connections and build meaningful relationships in a virtual world like never before! Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey like no other!

Direct access with a pseudo

Introducing HyperVerse Version 6: Elevating Virtual Experiences!

Step into the future of virtual reality with HyperVerse V6, the latest and most advanced version yet!
  • Experience Drastic Performance Improvement: With a tenfold boost in performance and a lightweight size of under 10 MB, enjoy a smooth and seamless user experience, even on low WiFi or any browser!

  • Enhanced Scalability: Host larger and permanent activities with ease! HyperVerse V6 can now accommodate hundreds of concurrent users, taking your virtual events to new heights!

  • Mobile Accessibility: Stay connected on the go! Access HyperVerse V6 on your mobile devices and immerse yourself in the wonders of the virtual world, anytime, anywhere!

  • Revamped User Interface (UI): Our new design ensures a greater user experience and engagement, including seamless Video Call integration! Explore an even more immersive virtual environment!

  • Global Reach: HyperVerse V6 now speaks your language! Available in 24 languages*, break the language barriers and connect with users from around the world!

  • Real-Time Chat Translation: Communicate freely with users in different languages! Our real-time chat translation feature* promotes inclusivity and enriches your virtual interactions!

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Transforming the e-commerce landscape

Give your e-commerce the virtual dimension

With our new shopping mall or village, showroom, your customers can now experience your brands and products virtually before making the purchase decision. They may even talk with the vendor in the virtual store, completely transforming online purchasing, from static 2D catalogues into real-life experiences.



Take Your Seat

Is it worth sitting in virtual environnements?

The new sitting gesture we introduce crystallises the transformation we are implementing within HyperVerse International’s various solutions. Offering persistent destinations, together with easy-to-use videocalling, the sitting gesture drastically increases the dynamics and improves the user experience and engagement in a very intuitive way:

  • During job fairs and interviews
  • Talking with clients around a desk
  • In a consultation with a patient
  • In a meeting room with colleagues
  • For a creative think tank sitting on pillows
  • In the lounge with VIP's
  • Networking with experts
  • At the bar for an afterwork party
YES, it's worth sitting to fully enjoy the virtual experience.

The sitting gesture is very simple, just clicking on the sitting icon, with a wide range of nicely designed chairs.

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Home working is booming.
Stay connected.
Create your own Virtual Office.

Get Your Own virtual Office
Full equipped and branded for Only 995€/month *

* billed annually (11.400€) or 1.250€/month (billed monthly)

  • Foster your company culture
  • Raise Interactions, Team spirit & work,
  • Gather your Brands & Services News, Leads and Clients
  • Accessible in less than 1 minute, Anytime, Anywhere


The new redesigned User Interface is Live

Build to further improve the users’ engagement and interactivity, the new UI brings video calling to live.

  • Private or group conversations up to 10 participants
  • Easier navigation
  • New map design
  • Easy search function
  • Redesigned avatar’s tooltip


The Vivactis Health Square

Vivactis Hyperfair has created the Vivactis Health Square. A unique and innovative way to learn, totally dedicated to healthcare professionals, based on clinical cases validated by the greatest experts! Intuitive and user friendly, it allows learning "by doing".


The booth updates

Hyperfair has created 3 new booth categories. Now, you can choose between our 68 available booth designs.


The Horizon architecture

The tailor-made architecture is now available. From the ground to the sky, Horizon is a fully customisable architecture.

The Cinemascope

The screens in your environment have been improved! You are now able to display your videos/live presentation directly in the screen of the environment.

JULY 2021

The Hyperfair family is growing

Hyperfair has made an update for the avatars and the dressing room.

The hostess/steward update

The Hostess/steward avatar is now with an hologram effect in order to be easily differentiated with the real avatars.

JUNE 2021

The Amphitheater

Looking for a new design for your auditorium? Hyperfair presents its new circular amphitheater. The amphitheater can be implemented in any AVAILABLE architecture.

MAY 2021

DJ Set

Organise a party to dance, celebrate, close your event, your fair, … using the new DJ Set and the dancing gestures. Click on the button below to see the DJ Set in the new Cube Architecture demo. You can even place it in any architecture.

The new architecture - The Cube

The brand-new architecture is available. The Cube is a modern and original creation from our 3D designers. This architecture’s branding will be placed in the decorative cubes for a perfect integration.

APRIL 2021

Map Feature

Room’s name now appear on the map with their specific icon. Attendees can teleport either by clicking on the room on the map or on the list below the booths.
A very helpful tool when setting appointment.


You have the opportunity to propose a quiz with several question and a score board act the end of it. You can add a countdown and choose the points according the question.

MARCH 2021

Digital Event Award 2021 - Winner

ConneXion is a virtual expo and communications platform, where the global fibre-based packaging industry can gather and interact.


You have more options to interact with others attendees thanks to six new gestures!


Experimental Mobile Experience

Hyperfair is now available on your smartphones and tablets. Get into Hyperfair thanks to your web browser:




Escape Game
Treasure hunt
Score board



End your presentation or event with fireworks. There are 5 different fireworks.

The New brandable Black Box

Great to present a new product, organise a party with a DJ, … Can be also a one-to-one meeting room or a classroom.

Submarine landscape

A very immersive landscape in the ocean where you can see fishes, sharks, …floating around your avatar.

Dressing room – new outfits

They are two new Muslim outfits: a new one for men and a new one for women.


Mixlr Sound

An interesting external app. To open by clicking on banners as a pop-up. You can broadcast some music and playlists during your event. You also have the opportunity to make an announcement to all the attendees thanks to the integrated software Mixlr Sound and microphone, everyone can hear when the pop-up is activated.




The event organizer has now the opportunity to see the number of connected people, to add a welcome message and/or a welcome video and to broadcast a pop-up message.


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Strengthening your Company & Brands visibility, communication and networking.
Engaging experiences with a human touch visitors like.
Multiple combinations of 3D objects & solutions that meet your virtual universe expectations.

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